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Find the HIDDEN market for SHORT SALE properties! FREE ACCESS

Besides all the current active short sale listings, we allow access to many exclusive properties that are available as well. These properties may be in the negotiation process with the lender already or about to become active on MLS. Since we have established a price for the property in advance, the process is much quicker than a standard short sale.

If you are a homeowner looking for a place to live, Doctor Short Sale can help you through the whole process. We will explain the method we use to simplify and get the deal closed without the normal frustration. Whether you are a cash buyer or need financing, we can assist you. We have relationship with both conventional, FHA, VA and private financial sources.

We also have a link that allows you to find all the BANK OWNED properties. These properties usually are quicker than short sales but have many competitive offers therefore they are more difficult to obtain.

Can it work for you?

Buying a home in a short sale can be a hassle, so why should you consider it? It boils down to the bottom line. You will get the property for a substantial discount. Since the lender is eager to continue to get paid the money it loaned out, it may also offer favorable financing terms.

Since the sellers play an active role in the short-sale process, you will have their cooperation (and most likely won't need to evict them upon taking possession of the home). This is not always the case with a property that has gone through foreclosure.

Whether you have become aware of the distressed situation on a property through an agent, a 'for sale by owner' ad or word-of-mouth, this is not a do-it-yourself project. A short sale is one real-estate deal where you really need to get help from an experienced agent or attorney. Not all real-estate agents know how to handle a short sale, so make sure you consult with one who can demonstrate special training or a good track record with short sales - DOCTOR SHORT SALE is an expert in this area.

Why lenders (might) agree

It might seem counterintuitive for a lender to go along with a short sale. After all, a lender is legally entitled to pursue the full balance of the loan. When a homeowner falls behind on payments, the lender can (and often does) hold the borrower responsible for every penny owed.

And yet more and more lenders are willing to consider approving a short sale.

Lenders are painfully aware of just how bad the current foreclosure crisis is. They know the cold reality is that a large number of struggling borrowers will end up losing their homes, and so they often see the advisability in accepting the inevitable and trying to minimize their losses. Yet some lenders seem to remain in denial.

Foreclosure is an expensive and time-consuming process for a lender. By agreeing to a short sale, the lender wraps up this little mess quickly, and perhaps with less of a loss than it would have incurred with a foreclosure.

Is a short sale right for you?

Buying a home in a short sale can be a good way to find the home you want at a lower price than similar properties for sale in the area-and it can be beneficial to all those involved. If you have the patience for the potentially time-consuming process, a short sale might be a good option for you.